What Are Edmund Barton's Key Achievements

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Edmund Barton Sir Edmund Barton lived from 1849 to 1920. He grew up in the English suburb of Glebe; he was the ninth child of William and Marie Louise Barton. His father’s occupation was a stock broker and his mother was a teacher. Key Achievements: Edmund Barton’s key achievements were mainly founding things like the federation movement and high court of Australia also being Australia’s first prime minister in our country’s history. Being elected as a prime minister in modern times now is a big achievement but being the first prime minister is a bigger achievements. Edmund Barton found the federation movement and also founding the High court of Australia without this man Edmund Barton Our country Australia would be a mess not physically…show more content…
In other words just leaders. RED- Simpler form BLACK- DICTIONARY DEFINTION Julius Ceaser: Julius ceaser is a well known roman emperor all over the world. He was born in the time of 100 B.C. He grew up in Subura, Rome. Julius caser has conquered many countries. Key Achievements: Julius Ceaser was a great leader because he conquered peoples land and if you conquered land in those days you were conceded a great emperor some of the places and people he conquered were the Germans, the Helvetians. Ceaser conquered Gaul in a brilliant campaign which is used today in the modern world. . Another key achievement was he brought justice Challenges faced: When you are a leader you face many challenges life Julia Gillard and the Carbon Tax. Ceaser’s challenge that he faced will leading was he got sent to exile because whilst he was in the army he acted nobler and pretended that he was not a solider assistant but a soldier. While Caser was in exile he thought what he did and that he would become a leader and he did.. And when he got sent out of exile he became leader and brought happiness and justice to Rome. to Rome serving the people with honour and he was proud to be called a great

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