What Are Drugs Essay

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What are Drugs? The question itself sounds simple enough, but truth is drugs are everything but simple. How does one go on to define what drugs are? I guarantee if I where to ask that question to a room full of people each one individually come up with their own unique answer. What is considered a high for one person isn’t the same for all. We all have our drug of choice and our own definition based on that drug of choice. Narcotics to me is just the oblivious definition of a drug. Who’s to say that the cop arresting a group of teen agers for smoking marijuana isn’t under the influence himself? Except his drug of drug of choice isn’t a narcotic it’s the power and authority that comes along with his badge. Also a woman who just needs love and companionship finding herself in a relation ship with a man addicted to sex. A business executive so deeply involved in making money and success that it becomes his whole life. The woman who all she wants to do is loose weight but cant because she cannot stop eating the unhealthy food she loves so much. As well as the artist who’s whole life if wrapped around their music. All of these people are under the influence in one way or another. Love, money, sex, power, alcohol, success, food, music, cigarettes, and narcotics are all drugs. They alter your emotions your mental and physical health are used as coping mechanisms are addictive and without them we go through a withdrawal. Once under the influence of any of these drugs a person you once thought you knew could act like someone you’ve never met. Probably the most common and most effective one is of coarse love. As human beings the idea of loving someone and having that person love us back is so deeply engraved in our minds, to the point we say things like “listen to you heart” or “my mind is saying no but my heart is telling me yes”. We as humans need that connection and
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