What Ages Should Men And Women Get Married? Essay

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I got married when I was 21 years old my husband was 24, our marriage did not work out. Because of this and other friends failed marriages, I believe a man should be 27 when he gets married, and a woman be 25 years old. I am 27 years old now when I look back at when I was 21 I was a completely different person, wasn’t sure what I wanted in life. I knew what I really wanted in life when I was 25 years old. Everyone is different but, I have had friends who have gotten married at a young age and also had failed marriages. Women mature before men do that is why I have chosen the age 27. I think for a lot of men they start to know what they want in life and settle down when they are 27, some do not fully settle down until they are 30. To be able to raise a baby to the best of one’s ability women should wait till they are at least 25 and men should be 28. I had my child when I was 22. I do not think I was ready. I was not making as much money then as I am now. I was not emotionally ready to take care and raise a child. I had some friends who had children at very young ages and I watched them struggle financially and emotionally. Men are not normally emotionally ready to take care of a child until they are 28. I have known many young men who fathered children at younger ages. It was too much for them to handle and in many situations they abandoned their children. Not all women and men are the same. But because of my experiences that is why I believe women should be 25 and men 27 for marriage. To have a baby men should be at least 28 and women

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