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Reflection from a student who earned a 6, but really wanted the 7: A while back you provided us the opportunity to give some feedback to the upcoming class about "what we wish we had known, or what we would do differently if we had to do math HL again" -- something along those lines. Well, after looking through my exam and having some time to reflect I think I've realized where I lost out on that elusive 7, to which a lot of the HL class strives for. There is no doubt that a 7 is very tough to attain, but I think the structure of my work ethic in the second year was what prevented me of reaching my goal. I turned into the student who did just enough work required to get by comfortably in class and then worked hard in the 1 - 2 days before an assessment to maximize my grade, (incorrectly) thinking this would solidify my understanding. This left me not feeling proficient and comfortable in dealing with entire sections of the syllabus (complex numbers, especially, or taylor's theorem), up to the few weeks before the IB exam. In short, I worked hard, but not consistently enough. I should have consistently worked hard to foster my understanding, rather than simply for the assessment grades which I sometimes seemed to do; and I should not have left going back to topics I didn't feel comfortable dealing with (even after we reviewed them again) until 2 weeks before the exam. Yes I had time constraints and pressure in other classes, but regardless, for me, to whom math HL concepts where challenging, my goal of attaining a 7 required more effort than I put into it. The insane amount of nonstop cramming I put into the last 2 weeks before the exam simply did not make up for the times I left a concept not 100% understood, and then simply moved on to the next topic. Perhaps there are other reasons too, I am not completely sure, but I am certain that the tools and
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