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What a night As soon as the last kid is dropped off at home summer begins. The town is filled with kids of all ages waiting for the fun to begin. All of us have to wait one more week before the funniest night to come. As I watch the reds, pinks, oranges, blues, and purples of the sun that sets it is just so amazing that they take your breath away. When the sun sets, that’s when the festivities start in a small town. As if someone flipped a switch people close stores, leave their homes and stop working to all come out to have a good time. I watch everyone great each other with open arms, it seemed a bit strange to watch people be so friendly. Everyone talked and laughed as if they haven’t seen each The lights, smell, noise, kids, family and friends all combine to make a great combination of fun. As the smell of peanuts, cotton candy, pizza, and pop-corn fill the air, the colorful lights sparkle and shine all the kids race to be first in line. The rides all come to life to fill the joy of the kids who wait in line with their parents. People winning gold fish, pictures, stuffed animals, and having a good time just set the mood for a fun night. Kids riding in airplanes, fire trucks, balloons, and animals they seem to be having so much fun, that I wish I could be young to enjoy the simple things in life like just going around in a circle and waving to your family. Teenagers hanging out with friends thinking they are to cool to be at the fair but yet no one forced them to go. All of them just talking playing games and trying to be someone else to fit in and look good in front of the whole town. Watching all the chaise is like watching small children open presents on Christmas morning. As if this were their first time coming out and having a fun family night. When the grandparents watch their grandchildren run around and play it puts a smile on
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