What a Movie Become a Blockbuster

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The blockbuster movie is typically understood to be a work of film in theater or television which gains notoriety and popular appeal to such an extent that audience attendance and overall gross profits of the movie far exceed standard expectations of the time. The blockbuster movie generally surpasses the accepted standard set by similar films and becomes most notable for its popularity as well as its box office profits One key ingredient of a movie's ability to become a blockbuster hit is the concept of mass appeal. For a movie to find ultimate success, it must appeal to a wide spectrum of both male and female movie-goers as well as both young and old audiences. Movie studios typically attempt to combine elements of action and adventure with comedic aspects or a romantic story line within the plot to attract as many people as possible . According to Ph.D. research sociologist Brian Uzzi of Northwestern University, movie buzz can often help a film become a blockbuster hit. Certain movies seem to creep into the airwaves and receive constant chatter from news organizations, online sites, talk-show hosts and radio DJs. This can occur even before a film has been officially released. When the movie buzz hits a certain critical mass through this word-of-mouth marketing, suddenly audiences will want to see it and it becomes a blockbuster The success of a film's opening weekend is often considered one of the benchmarks for its blockbuster status. Studios carefully stage advertising campaigns with posters, press interviews, billboards and sneak previews before a movie's official open over a weekend or holiday. A schedule is designed to facilitate simultaneous openings in thousands of movie theaters across the country. Extra advertising and timing of the opening maximize exposure and boost audience attendance. As a result, higher sales figures for a movie's open can

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