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Introduction The film 300 is a fantasy action film depicting the conflict of the Spartans and the invading Persians. The film was made in 2006, and released in 2007 to the public. There was a certain amount of political controversy of the film; however it was a hit in the box office. It depicted the Spartans as a well-educated, strong force to be reckoned with during the colossal confrontation the Persian army of Xerxes at the Battle of Thermopylae (IGN, 2007). Film Production Artists Zack Snyder was the director of the movie 300 (2006), not to mention he was also one of five screenwriters of this film (Barnett, Goldmann, Nunnari, Silver, 2011). Generally, a director is basically a facilitator – the one who is ultimately responsible for the end product. The director oversees all aspects of the film production. Snyder’s position required a great deal of planning and execution at every stage in the production. He worked closely with the production designer and the cinematographer; as well as directed the actors and the action while filming. The director is the one with the beginning vision of the film and interpretation of the script. Additionally, the director ensures that all other departments and individual specialists perform their required duties of their portion of the film making process, and ensures that they all come together to create an intelligible and befitting semblance of the story on the screen. Ultimately, it is the director’s job to approve of the principle artists employed on a specific project and to piece together their visions and incorporate them with his own (Goodykoonz, & Jacobs, 2011). James D. Bissell was the supervising production designer of this film. One of his responsibilities was to supervise numerous other subordinate designers. Basically, he was responsible for the whole look of the set. The production designer
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