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ENGLISH TONGUE TWISTERS There is two minute difference from four to two to two to two, from two to two to two, too. Freshly fried fresh flesh. Very well, very well, very well ... We won, we won, we won, we won, ... Velvet Revolver, Velvet Revolver, Velvet Revolver I wish to wish the wish you wish to wish, but if you wish the wish the witch wishes, I won't wish the wish you wish to wish. Wayne went to Wales to watch walruses. One-one was a race horse. Two-two was one too. One-one won one race. Two-two won one too. I wish to wash my Irish wristwatch. The widow really wants ripe watermelon and red roses when winter arrives. While we were walking, we were watching window washers wash Washington's windows with warm washing water. Whether the weather be fine or whether the weather be not. Whether the weather be cold or whether the weather be hot. We'll weather the weather whatever the weather, whether we like it or not. I wish I were what I was when I wished I were what I am. +++ We were very wise always wearing warm vest every November weekend in the Wild West. However, we never wear woolen underwear even in Warwick, Norway. She sells sea shells on the sea shore; The shells that she sells are sea shells I'm sure. So if she sells sea shells on the sea shore, I'm sure that the shells are sea shore shells. Casual clothes are provisional for leisurely trips across Asia. She stood on the balcony, inexplicably mimicking him hiccupping, and amicably welcoming him in. Mr Knott and Mr Watt on the Phone Hello? - Who's calling? Watt. - What's your name? Watt's my name. - Yes, what is your name? My name is John Watt. - John what? Yes. - ... I'll call on you this afternoon. All right, are you Jones? - No, I'm Knott. Will you tell me your name, then? - Will Knott. Why not? - My name

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