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Table of content Pages * Executive summary 2 * Corporation direction 3-4 * Mission statement * Corporate Philosophy * Corporate goal * Environmental analysis and forecasting 5-10 * Market analyze (STEEP) 5-7 * Company analyze(SWOT) 8-9 * Competitors analyze 10 ; Anatara resort Hotel * Segmenting and targeting 11-12 * Next year’s objectives 13-14 * Action plan strategies and tactics 15-18 * Marketing Mix; 4P’s * Business Implication 19-23 - Resources needs to support strategies and meet objective * Issue of business * CRS * Customer relationship * Employees relationship * References 24 Section 1. Executive summary The Golden Triangle is located in ChiangRai, a small town, which sits at the meeting point of the Thailand, Myanmar and Laos borders. Situated at the junction of the Mekong River. The Golden Triangle is a popular tourist spot often visited on day trips from Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai. The Golden Triangle is nine miles upriver from Chiang Saen and long tail boat trips between the two towns are very popular. Although The Golden Triangle is pretty much a tourist attraction, the views across the river to Laos and Myanmar are breath taking and there are several pleasant hotel which afford panoramic views. We set up business at Golden Triangle for our Hotel business with 4 stars. Once we set our hotel at golden triangle, there are a lot of competitors because of there are the attractive tourist destination. The main competitor is Anantara Resort. This marketing plan will show you clear definition about Thailand’s market and how we can able to survive the market. Planning market has a lot of crisis, issue, disadvantage or advantage but our company remains to have opportunities in distribution product in Chiang-Rai market. This

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