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A Stronger Pearl River Delta Government Initiatives Clement Miu Content 1. 2. 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 Introduction Background Study of Pearl River Delta Definition and Geographic Location of Pearl River Delta Spatial Structure of Pearl River Delta Government Structure in PRD Region Emergence and recent development of Pearl River Delta Region p.1 p.1 3. Constraints that Restrict the Growth of PRD Region p.7 3.1 Growing Competition from Yangtze River Delta 3.2 Destructive competition within Pearl River Delta Region 4. Government Initiatives in Planning a more Competitive Pearl River Delta p.9 4.1 National Five Year Plan 4.2 Pan- RRD Regional Cooperation and Development 5. Conclusion p.18 Clement Miu 1. Introduction In the past two decades, the Pearl River Delta (PRD) has been an important driver of China's economic growth, a key destination for foreign investment, and place for the country's growing integration into the global economy. (Leman 2003) It is also known as the wealthiest and fastest growing region in the entire Mainland. However, in recent years, emerging destructive competition between cities in the PRD region and increasing competition from other parts of China has in fact weakened the PRD’s role as an economic powerhouse and create challenges for future development. This research essay attempts to outline these constrains and the recent government initiatives which help overcome these constraints and revive the PRD. 2. Background Study of Pearl River Delta 2.1 Definition and Geographic Location of Pearl River Delta The PRD is named after its physical characteristics. The region is located in Guangdong Province of South China. Geographically, it is a composite delta formed by sediments deposited at the mouth of Pearl River containing a total area of about 8,600 square kilometres (Lo 1989). From the perspective

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