Whaling Essay

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Now how many of you here are humans … real humans? Ok, now how many of you have feelings, actual feelings to sympathies for others? Right, so if you have feelings to sympathies for others, you must certainly be able to imagine how it feels to be a victim of the loss of a close loved one, wouldn’t it be traumatizing … And isn’t this the same for all living species on earth. Think of a young whale, deprived of its only parental care, its mother, how tragic and traumatizing is that? Isn’t it the same loss both whales and us humans have to face, if it is so then, why are these creatures being undermined and denied their freedom? The International Whaling Commission imposed a moratorium on whaling. While Japan initially intended to object to the moratorium, it withdrew its submission in the face of the threat of economic sanctions made by the United States. Japan continues limited whaling today under a scientific research permit. At an IWC meeting in 2006, a resolution calling for the eventual return of whaling was passed by a majority of just one vote. Environmental groups accused developing countries of taking Japan’s side in this vote in return for financial aid. These claims have been denied by the countries involved. The debate as to whether the ban on whaling should be lifted has acquired a new urgency. Whales are intelligent mammals, that are able to feel pain the same way we humans do, and by that statement, they should be treated as humans. Whale meat is rarely eaten in Japan even though they go to extremes to have the ban lifted, the suffering the whales go through, when

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