Wgu Undergrad Est1 Task 310.2.1-05

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Company Q’s current mind-set on social responsibility appears to be quite negative, uninformed, and antiquated. It would appear that the company chose to close stores in high risk areas without first investigating how they could provide service to this under-served segment of society while still maintaining a profit margin and ensuring the safety of its employees. The company’s veiled attempt to make quick profits by providing only a small, high margin sampling of the customer requested health-conscious or organic products has likely served only to alienate and diminish their customer base. Lastly, the company’s response to the local food bank’s request for donations appears to a feeble attempt to create a valid reason to avoid the extra work that may have been associated with this endeavor. This response likely had the added effect of offending their employee base by suggesting that their employees would utilize the program to steal from the company. This offense has the significant potential for lowering employee engagement and retention. Clearly, Company Q is not educated in how ethical conduct and social responsibility by a company can actually boost its profits. Their current position only serves to perpetuate the long lived consumer mind-set that companies are inherently dishonest and only have eyes on profit. It is unrealistic to believe that Company Q can instantly jump from their current posture to one of deep and meaningful social responsibility and corporate ethics. However, by addressing even just the three most recent examples that were given, the company could make some significant strides in increasing their responsibility to the local community, their responsibility to their customer base, and their attitude toward their workforce. Let us look a bit closer at each of the aforementioned areas of focus. Responsibility to the local

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