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Jorge Felix MBA, Management and Strategy Student ID: 000309831 Mentor: Rose Sklar C 915-497-5423 El Paso, Texas MST Decision Analysis JGT2 Task 1 A. Layout Strategies In order for Shuzworld to be successful in an expanding market, the company needs to be inventive and address all the issues utilizing the management tools and techniques available as well as the decision analysis tools in order to improve the current workflow. The workflow improvements have been noted as an area of possible improvements, after the meeting with the production manager the production and assembly line to be reviewed for efficiency was the Rugged Wear boot assembly I decided to use the line balancing technique in order to calculate the best line arrangement and increase the efficiency of the process. Efficiency = 46 (Total Task time) / 8 (total number of work stations) * 10 (longest task time) = 57.5% To define what the minimum of workstations needed are we can calculate using the following formula: Minimum of Workstations = Total task time/ Cycle time. In order to calculate the cycle time we need the following: Production time per day / output per day in our conversation with Wu, there is a budget to produce 6 workbooks an hour, with a 40-hour workweek. This information can be used to calculate the cycle time; Production time per day is 8 hours or 480 minutes with a required 48 boots per day for a total of 10 minutes per unit Using these values we can see that the minimum workstation are simply calculated by dividing 46 minutes / 10 = 4.6 or 5 minimum stations and increasing the efficiency to 92%. 1. Please see attached copy of the excel POM workbook that backs up the information discussed above as well as it gives the most efficient production realignment as shown on table below, proving to be the best tool to increase efficiency and reduce the number of stations

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