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Western Governors University QRT2 TASK 2 Abstract Yummy Tummy has expanded its storefront coffee and pastry shop to an online website, adding convenience to their business. Yummy Tummy has now developed a safe and secure way to check out using Phone swipe and Global Transport secure payment processing. Yummy Tummy has developed has developed keywords, website tags and web content optimization to enhance search engines to gain site traffic. To make their website more accessible to a potential international market, Yummy Tummy plans to use simplified English, be compatible with all systems web browsers and provide automatic links to language translation sites. By integrating customer relationship management software into YummyTummy.com, the company will need to plan on what information they will gather and how they will use the customers information for promotional purposes. YummyTummy.com E-Commerce Solutions An e-commerce system is a system that facilitates the acceptance and processing of electronic online payments. Over the last decade, credit cards have become the most common form of payment for online transactions. In North America, 90% of online transactions were processed wit this type of payment. When a consumer uses a card, the CVN number allows the system to detect fraud by…show more content…
To optimize the website for all YummyTummy.com visitors from other countries, YummyTumm.com could specify domain names to localize spelling variations. International sales are far from Yummy Tummy's target market, but it will be used as a convenience factor and to reach the target market of professionals on international travels. YummyTummy.com would only be able to ship ground coffee, as their other food is fresh. To reach others in international searches, Yummy Tummy could use keywords in other

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