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GKE Task 1 A. Egypt and Geography Egypt was created around the Nile River. The Nile River is the longest river in the world. It gave them everything they needed to survive in the hot desert. It was surrounded by fruit trees and filled with fish. The Egyptians discovered that the same time every year the Nile would flood for 6 months. When the river retreated back to its normal state, it left deposits of rich silt that enabled them to grow wheat, barley, beans, and cotton. The Nile River also produced a reed called Papyrus. The Egyptians would flatten this reed and use it as paper. They wrote down their calendar to track time on the papyrus. They also found other uses such as boats, mats, rope, and sandals. Without the Nile River, Egypt would have never been possible. (Life along the Nile) B. The diffusion of the Chariot Chariots are light vehicles that have two spoked wheels and are pulled by one or more horses. There was always a driver and a fighter riding together. The fighter usually had a bow-and-arrow or javelins. Chariots were extremely important to the military in Eurasia. The more chariots your army had, the strong you were. (Publins, 2013) The Hyksos took over Egypt because they had chariots and the Egyptians didn't. The Egyptians then learned and used chariots to take back their land. This is an example of diffusion…show more content…
The Native Americans were the first people use the river for transportation and resources. When the Europeans came, there was no doubt they wanted to own the Mississippi. Jefferson said simply that he would do whatever it took to have the United States own the river. He was willing to go to war over it. The Louisiana Purchase of 1803 was when United States gained the rights of the Mississippi River. This allowed for the development of major cities such as St. Louis. It also made for better trading opportunities for farmers in the Northwest Territories. (Smith,
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