Wgu Ebusiness Qrt2 Task 2

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Develop an online business expansion proposal Western Governors University 1. E-Commerce Solutions (Ability to Pay Online) Netta’s aim is to keep the company and customer in mind when selecting a vendor to choose and how to benefit both the customer and the company. The best way for Netta’s to recognize how they will combine the purchase transaction the customer has previously chosen with what they would like to purchase from the website is to find the right vendor that will allow the purchase process to be as effortless as possible. The vendor that Netta’s would use is X-Cart. They are a shopping cart software and ecommerce solution with the capacity to compensate thousands of on-line checkout transactions worldwide. X-Cart is secure and extremely swift and is a program that runs on their own server. Customers will then have options to compare products, view product details, add the item(s) to the shopping cart and add the item(s) to a wish list. Customers will be given automatic email confirmations after all purchases for their reviews. The automatic email confirmations will be followed up by a separate email that encompasses an additional e-receipt and shipping information. Customers will have the alternative to enroll in the newsletter that will be established to update information regarding current and future events in addition to new products and services. This opportunity will be offered at checkout simply by clicking yes or no. Security is a major concern with E-commerce in any company you are associating with. The X-Cart software offers state-of-the art E-commerce security which is PCI/CISP (Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council /Cardholder Information Security Program) certified. Another security features include the “CAPTCHA” another form of imaging validation for all forms of entry to prevent unauthorized use, together with an integrated

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