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Benjamin Barnes February 25, 2013 Community Health Nursing Task 3 A. 1 To date, the first identified case(s) of the communicable coronavirus outbreak are known to have originated in China. The viral respiratory disease, identified now as SARS, started in November of 2002 in the Province of Guangdong, which borders the large region of Hong Kong in China. The World Health Organization (WHO) was first made aware of the outbreak in February of the following year by the Chinese government. By February 2003, when the WHO was finally made aware of the situation, the virus claimed five lives and affected over three-hundred people. In April, when the World Health Organization was at last allowed access to the affected area of Guangdong, the…show more content…
Quantitative Indicators can include a variety of information calculated from numeric data such as entire number of people affected, the quantity of people in the area, the sum of people according to age, ethnicity, and sex, or even the number of people in a specific occupation. Qualitative Indicators measure the effected people’s point of view and understanding of the disease. Qualitative indicators might hold the answer questions about why the quantitative indicators may be high or low. Such as in the case of SARs, the government in the area it originated kept it obscured for so long that people were ignorant of the atrocious disease they were placing themselves and their family around. Incidence refers to the number of disease cases that occur within a distinct population, divided by the overall population in which the cases transpired in a particular time period. Prevalence is the quantity of the population with a certain disease or condition, divided by the total number of people susceptible of dying during that period. The Morbidity Rate studies all people in the population who become clinically ill during the stated time period. The Mortality Rate divides the number of deaths that transpire in a populace in a specified period of time by the number of people in danger of dying during that period.…show more content…
This system provides such health agencies as infection control authorities and testing centers in the state the capability to view and submit vital information concerning possible infectious diseases arising. Ohio Health Department’s protocol reads almost the identical to Hamilton County’s with the following word to local health departments regarding diseases such as SARs, “Cases should also be entered into the Ohio Disease Reporting System (ODRS) within 24 hours of the initial telephone report to the Ohio Department of Health (“Ohio.gov,” 2008).” Ohio is very firm in the enforcement of agencies reporting to the state Health Department immediately by calling then utilizing ODRS regarding cases of substantial public health concern. Hamilton County has trained multiple people from a variety of disciplines on the critical task of accessing and imputing information into the state’s disease reporting system. In addition to following the

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