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Yongkyu Choi ENG102 Where are you going? What have you been? Connie is an average fifteen-year-old high school student. She's pretty and likes to hang out with her friends, trying to catch the attention of the good looking boys. "She had a quick, nervous giggling habit of craning her neck to glance into mirrors or checking other people's faces to make sure her own was all right." Her mother despairs of her and berates her self-absorption, comparing her to her older, less attractive but more reliable sister. While her parents think she is going to the movies or the mall with her girlfriends, instead they head across the highway to the drive-in where the older kids hang out. Often she'll go off with a boy to his car, and you're not quite sure what happens there. Her actions are obviously observed by others, even if her family has no idea what she's up to. When her family leaves to go to a barbecue one Sunday, she stays home alone washing her hair, listening to the radio and daydreaming. Soon she hears a car pulling up the gravel driveway. There's a confident rap on the door, as though someone was expected. At first Connie doesn't recognize the two boys. They're in an open jalopy painted gold with 'Arnold Friend' stenciled in the paint. Connie's first concern is that she looks okay. There's something sinister about the boys, however, not least that they aren't boys at all, but men. While the man in the car seems not the least interested, Arnold Friend is quite insistent that he is here for Connie to take her on a date. What starts out as a bit of a flirtation soon turns sinister. It's an unsettling story to read. Most of the story concerns Connie alone in the house, her family not expected back for hours. Arnold Friend is anything but a friend. Strangely he knows all about Connie and her family. His manner might have started out friendly, but it soon becomes

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