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Diving down the Westport road, I park my car at the event parking lot in Pennsylvania Ave. It’s past 9:00 on a Friday night. The sound makes me walking in the Europe Street, but there is not in Europe. In addition, the atmosphere is to my liking such as not Kansas City. Usually, living a Kansas City is not living in an urban city. Sure thing is that most people who live in Kansas City think Kansas City is urban. However, people know how difference the Westport Road and Kansas City area when they visit the Westport Road. The several of music are sung in a bar. Every block in the Westport Road has a tree that makes me cozily. I love the Westport Road and Pennsylvania Ave. On the Westport Road and Pennsylvania Ave, there have a lot of international…show more content…
A lot of historical architectures exist in the Westport Road because the city is started by Isaac McCoy, who built the first town in the Westport in 1831. Why he built the town in Westport is missionary to the Indians. He lived on December 28, 1831 with his family. After few years, the son of Isaac, John Calvin McCoy, built a trading post at 444 Westport Road and Pennsylvania. It soon came to be a general store to service fur traders, mountain men, Indians, and area famers. At that time, McCoy became a businessman because his store became a busy trade center. Then McCoy called the town Westport. Walking on the Westport Road, I felt thirsty. I chose one of the tea shop and went to there. The tea shop is Tea-drop, selling a tea and making the tea. “I really like the street and go enjoying,” she replied when I asked for the Westport. The employee of the Tea-drop made me a Taro bubble tea, which was amazing, yummy, and interesting. Because the tea had a lot of bubble, the taste of tea liked a gum. “It’s an art street,” someone talked his friend about the Westport when I heard their speaking. Many times the Westport performs a lot of music and painting shows. I didn’t remember what day is, but few weeks ago the art festival I went was beautiful and extraordinary because a lot of artist sold their

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