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Outline Worksheet for Informative Speech Title: West Nile Virus Speaker: Joseph N. Aranbayev Specific Purpose: Problems and solutions associated with the West Nile virus Thesis Statement: People must understand the nature of the West Nile virus and how people get infected with it in order to take the necessary steps to protect themselves. Introduction I. Since it’s migration to the U.S. in 1999, the West Nile virus (WNV) has claimed over a thousand lives and has been found in a total of 27,605 people. (Lee, M.C. 23-34) II. According to the Center and Disease Control, “WNV is a potentially serious illness and is established as a seasonal epidemic in North America that flares up in the summer and continues into the fall.”(CDC.com June 20, 2008) III. While I personally have not been diagnosed with the virus or have known anyone that has been, I have done extensive research that suggests that to protect yourself, you need to understand the nature of the virus and how you can get infected. IV. Today, I’ll talk about what the West Nile virus is, the harm it may cause and what measures you can take to prevent from getting infected. So what exactly is West Nile virus? Body I. Until 1999, the term West Nile might have been referred to in grade school. Today, this term raises fears and panic among the masses. A. WNV was first found in 1937 in an adult woman living in the West Nile district of Uganda. Today the virus is most found in Africa, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and West Asia. (Marguiles, Phillip 30-35) B. In 1999 the virus appeared in North America for the first time and in the next year spread to 12 states killing 8 people and sickening 80 others. (Lee, M.C. 23-34) C. In the U.S., birds appear to be the major carrier of the disease and they pass it on to humans as follows:

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