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Westlake Lanes Discuss Central Issue How board might decide the future of Westlake Lanes Recommended Course of Action The board should support the Kid-Friendly strategy Reasons 1. WestlakeLanes have a great downtown location near neighborhoods and restaurants; they have been around for 30 years and have a strong and loyal customer base. Some of theyare already have families which can help attract more customers. 2. The kid-friendly optionwon’t be a huge invest, no major remodeling or changes have to be done, only a few extra workers need to be hired, the food menu can stay somewhat the same and lower damages. 3. Bowlers can still be kept, leagues can still use the alleys for their weeknights and families will be more prominent on weekends, vacations and summer days. By adding video games it will bring more entertainment for children, but also won’t disrupt the leagues. The party room will also be beneficial to draw parents into holding their children’s birthday parties at Westlake Lanes, and will bring in more revenue. With more revenue coming in from more activities and parties, as well as the weekly leagues, they will have the potential to pay back their loan in a more appropriate time frame. 4. Although the economic recession, parents like to paid a premium, for kid-focused entertainment. Other suggestions 1. Because Shelby Givens increase the price, I suggest printing some coupons distributed to customers in first few weeks. 2. Because Shelby Givens extended the extra 3 hours, I suggest increase sales and revenue over time through marketing, improving market share. 3. Increasing employee moral and maintaining proper defined

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