Westernization Essay

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‘Westernization of the World” relates to the colonial experience and its effects thereafter. The effects which are of cultural displacement, racial humiliation, eradication of traditional culture and the practice of learned behavior. These cultural changes after the colonial experience are quite dominant in society as is related by Harrison. The Western way of life prevails as can be seen with the younger generation “Young people don’t like these operas” …”they are too old-fashioned. We would prefer to see a high-quality Western variety show..”. This is equivalent for fashion, health care, education, housing, architecture and generally in each and every step of the modern way of life. The manner in which English missionaries infiltrated the schooling system and got the natives to stamp out and inhibit their own traditional culture can only be seen as devious. The natives also fell victims to “reference-group behavior” where they “became more British than the British (and still are)” in order to class themselves into that group. An overwhelmed Frantz Fanon speaks of colonialism doing psychological and moral damage. He expressed the “colonial rule as an experience in racial humiliation” and of the white man depriving him of all his significance making him feel discriminated upon for being black and ashamed of how little or no power he had over his very own culture. He succumbed to ways of the powerful white man therefore losing his inhumanness “then I will simply try to make myself white: that is, I will compel the white man to acknowledge that I am human”. With nations like China, Turkey and Japan after so many struggles to hold on to their ‘cultural autonomy’ the powerful Western way of living still prevailed. The Western way and the uniformity it represents all over the world holds us captive from truly indulging in our traditional cultures. Imagine
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