Western Vs Asian Essay

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East-Asian | Western | Communication | * IndirectlyFace saving is important, avoid to embarrass other people | * More Direct and specific, 簡潔易明, avoid misunderstandingSay what you mean | * Avoid conflictEg. “yes” in Asia has different meaning (tone/facial express) “yes”x3 to express I am listening, don’t mean that I am agree | * Liner communicating (Step by step)Separate idea (Eg. With dept. communicate) | * Role of Silence in communication“Think before you speak” – Asian“Think as you speak” – WesternSilence: Avoid embarrass, be complaint (apologize) | * Role of Silence (Negative)Uncomfortable (is there something wrong, not knowing…) | * Conflict Resolution 1. One-on-one 2. Through the middleman 3. Open discuss (Western)Pros: private, third party (1,2) | * Openly | Nature of business relationship | * Long-term relationshipHigh value in east culture exchange business card is very important (both hands, 1 hand – rude) * Succeed due to human relationship, keeping relationship (showing interest to one’s life well being) | * Stronger restriction in position and personalityLess long-term relationship, won’t care about others’ life style/familyFocus on project in hand (project end → relationship end)Won’t have extra social communication | * Business Relationship commonly based on friendship * Group achieve vs. individual achieve (Western) * Quality of relationship lead to future opportunities | * Separate business relationship and friendshipSucceed due to resourcesWestern: cut cost, bottom line people orientedEast-Asian: but employee | * Business Relationship fall * Lose face * Betrays | * Business Relationship endInterest no long exist | * Idea of HelpingDo something for the person (helping is doing)Social psychology of connectivenessWithout asking | * HelpingThey help if someone ask for

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