Western Europe On Ottoman And Russian Empire.

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Western Europe had a major influence on the Ottoman Empire and the Russian Empire during 1750 to 1914. Western Europe was very advanced and industrialized and the Ottomans and Russians advanced as well to try and compete with them. They were the most powerful during this time period and controlled trade. When the Ottomans suffer defeat from Greece and Western Europe, they become embarrassed and find the need to industrialize and modernize. The Russians also suffered a defeat from Britain and France and the Ottomans. The Russians were also not advanced. This was a time of Westernization and modernization for the Russian and Ottoman Empires during 1750-1914. The Ottoman Empire struggled greatly during the 19th century. The sultan lost touch with society because he stayed in his palace. He spent all of the Empire’s money on luxuries and expensive items for himself. He lost control of the empire and it became very decentralized. The power of the empire was crumbling and the sultan didn’t care about the economy of his empire because he was cut off from society. Also during the 19th century, they had a major economic decline. They had large debts in which they borrowed goods from other nations when the economy declined. Also this lead to inflation and corruption. The Ottoman Empire decided to expand but they overexpanded and had a weak central government. They couldn’t control the outskirts of the empire. Regional powers began to break away. First was Egypt in 1801. Then Serbia breaks away in 1805. The Janissaries wanted to fight against the reforms so the sultan asked Serbia to fight for him against the Janissaries and they got independence after that. In 1829, Greece broke away and gained independence. They had gotten help from Western Europe and help from Russia. Western Europe wanted to help Catholic Greece break away from the Ottoman Empire that was based on Islam.
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