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Setting the Scene: Located on the South East Coast of England in West Sussex, West Wittering is 100km from London along the A3 road (see Figure 1). The renowned sandy beach of West Wittering is just south of the South Downs and is at the mouth of Chichester Harbour (see Figure 2). Connected along the coast by towns such as Bognor Regis, Worthing, and Brighton, the West Wittering beach and East Head Spit are easily accessed from miles around (see Figure 3). Even on the darkest days of winter, West Wittering beach still captivates its audience to marvel at its striking areas of sand dunes, shingle, salt marsh, a long stretch of sandy beach, and even a spit protruding into the mouth of Chichester Harbour (see Figure 4). Marram grass preserves the sand dunes on East Head Spit and provides a habitat for wildlife, as do the shingle banks on which distinctive ringed plovers nest, as well as the salt marsh; all of which provide an excellent spot for avid, and beginner, bird watchers. The proud holder of an internationally recognised ‘Blue Flag’ award, among many other accolades, West Wittering beach is a highly acclaimed site of outstanding natural beauty. During this paper, I will explore four hypotheses. The first hypothesis will involve coastal processes and is ‘Long Shore drift operates from West to East at West Wittering’. Analysis of beach form and how East Head Spit has developed over time will be included in this. The statement ‘The landforms are a fixed natural feature’ will be particularly focusing on landforms and their management. Next is ‘West wittering beach and East Head Spit are a distinctive honeypot site’, and lastly ‘Hard coastal management is used at West Wittering beach and East Head Spit’, will be investigated with data from the fieldwork.

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