Wes Only Did His Duty Because He Believed He Had No Other Choice Essay

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Montana 1948 Oral Presentation Wes only did his duty because he believed he had no other choice. Discuss. A Sheriff like Wes in the 1940’s must always be loyal and diligent with their work even though always protective with family and always on duty. Wes as a sheriff was like this, he had to protect the town of Montana and make sure everything was running well. Everything that Wes did have to do with the ‘safety’ of its citizens. We see in ‘Montana’ that everything he did was the ‘right thing’. When Wes arrested his brother, he stood up for the Native American people (even though he doesn’t care for them as much) and upheld justice. He does what most people would have a hard time doing, arresting a family member. It took Wes a while to decide what to do but he eventually did the right thing. A quote that is stated by Wes on page 156 was “David, I believe that in this world people must pay for their crimes. It doesn't matter who you are or who you relations are; if you do wrong, you pay. I believe that. I have to" now this tells us why Wes arrested his brother and it also gives a good lesson to his son David, he teaches his son to do ‘the right thing’. The way that Wes actually found out about his brother Frank was from Gail, on page 45 she said "The reason, Wesley, the reason Marie didn't want to be examined by Frank is that he--he has... is that your brother has molested Indian girls," Gail got this information from Marie the house keeper who didn’t want to be examined by Frank, she knew what he does to Indian girls because of Marie’s family and friends has been victims before. Wes at first didn’t want to believe what he was hearing; one reason was because Marie was Indian and that Wes believes that they never tell the truth and also that Marie has been telling made up stories to David for years. When Wes found out from David that Marie was murdered by

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