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Wes Moore Essay

  • Submitted by: hrchovitz
  • on December 2, 2013
  • Category: English
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Wes Moore
In my life, the way that I overall see how respect is earned is that you have to really show that you deserve it according to a situation you are in. In my opinion you have to truly show your true emotions and to be honest, this can give you respect once people see that not only you’re a good person but you know how to show others your good side; no matter who it is. To look on the negative side of were you have to worry about how you can loose respect from others. No matter who your referring to, either yourself or someone you just met, your true colors are going to open up at some point. Usually when this comes into place, you can either in many situations gain or loose respect for a person. To be honest you can even loose respect for yourself. Sometimes in life you need to set a motto of which you need in your life and whether they are good people. The ones I loose respect for don’t deserve a place in my life, either way there’s a good chance what they did to make you loose respect for them is something they need to fix on their own. After either making a bad decision or hurting you. When it comes down to all this, you need to think about what’s best for you.
The author of this novel The Other Wes Moore has told an amazing life story that was definitely an eye opener for many others and myself. Wes Moore’s story was about what he has been through in life, and after reading about it I would automatically let him

Chovitz 2
know that he has my respect no matter what. But some people in his life didn’t give him the respect I thought he deserved. While reading this novel I felt that the author Wes Moore always made sure that he had respect from people that truly mattered to him. In chapter 4 recently before when Wes was a teenager he had learned how to tag (spray paint your nick name or symbol on public property). One day Wes met up with his friend Shea, a drug runner. Shea was working on a corner and Wes sat down to hang out with him. Shea...

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