Wes Andersons Grand Hotel Budapest and Authorship

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In this essay I will be breaking down and examining “The Grand Budapest Hotel”, a film directed by Wes Anderson inspired by the writings of Stefan Zweig. To be able to understand I will introduce a brief outline of the films plot. We learn about a writer who in 1985 took a trip to the snowcapped mountains of “the former republic of Zubrowka”; a fictional state in Central Europe, to a once renowned and the very well known Grand Hotel Budapest with unknown owner. He comes across the very owner of the hotel, an elderly man Mr. Zero Mustafa. He being a simple man decides to open up and explain how he got hold off this hotel when the curious writer asks. Since Mr. Zero Mustafa recognizes and admires the writer he invites him to dinner to tell him everything. As they dine Mr. Zero Mustafa goes back to 1932, the glorious days of the hotel when he started as a lobby boy, hired by Monsieur Gustave H., its famous and legendary concierge who had also a special affection for sexual needs of older ladies lodging at the hotel. This hobby of his gets him into trouble when one of his lovers Madame D is murdered. Gustave summons Zero to travel with him to the funeral, but soon he learns that she left a very valuable painting to him. Her wealthy and greedy family cannot accept that a concierge would inherit any of their property. The police falsely accuse M. Gustave, and he and Zero undertake to clear his name, even as they’re pursued by homicidal thugs and the police, while the whole country is on the brink of war. He is actually falsely framed by Madame Ds son Dimitri. While on the run from prison on a journey to find the only witness of the murder they learn Madame D left a second will which applies incase she was murdered leaving everything to Monsieur Gustave including The Grand Hotel Budapest. The truth comes to light that Monsieur Gustave is not guilty of her murder,

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