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Tyler SIS Parent Portal Enhance your connection between your children and their education. To begin using the Parent Portal, follow these steps: 1. Fill out the Parent Portal Registration form and return it to the school. 2. Your password will be emailed to the address you provided on the registration form. Your full email address will be your username. 3. Go to www.mexicoschools.net homepage, click Parents & Students, then click SIS Parent Portal. If you have problems or questions about accessing the site, please contact the school where your child is enrolled. As part of the security procedures, the ONLY way to receive your password is by email. NOTE:  If your email address changes, be sure to contact the school and let them know so your contact info can be updated. You will need to fill out another agreement form. If you forget your password, click the Forgot your password? link, enter your email address, and your password will be emailed to you. The Parent Portal supports the following web browsers: Windows PC: Internet Explorer 7-10 Firefox v3 or higher Chrome v21 or higher Mac OS X: Safari 5 and 6 Firefox v3 or higher Chrome v21 or higher iPad: Safari using iOS 5 or 6 There is a “using mobile device” link on the bottom right of the log in page.   Once inside the Portal, you will have access to several different areas of information for each child you have enrolled in the district. Each of these areas is explained below. 08/15/2013 Tyler SIS v9.0 Copyright © 2013 Tyler Technologies, Inc. 1 If you have more than one child enrolled, select which child’s information you wish to view by selecting from the Student dropdown list at the top of the page. Normally you will want to view information for the current school year, but if you have a need to view information from a previous school year, use the Year dropdown list. If

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