Were Hippocrates's Ideas About Medicine Important?

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Source Investigation Were Hippocrate's Ideas about medicine important?The source shows us that medicine in ancient Greece was based on people’s belief in gods. The source tells us about a man with an abscess in his stomach and a blind woman. The man’s friends took him to the temple of Asclepius where the god ‘cut into his belly’ and ‘removed the abscess’. The woman didn’t believe in Asclepius’ cure. But she dreamed about him saying he would cure her if she gave a gift to the Asclepion. She did and he ‘cut into her diseased eyeball’ and she could see again. This is important because people believed that the gods cured them and so used this as an explanation of why cures happened.I don’t think the sources can be trusted to tell us about Greek medicine. Just because there are two carvings telling us that the god Asclepius cured people doesn’t mean that he did. For example, there are also carvings of the four humours but that theory was disproved later on. Meaning just because it is recorded in history, doesn't mean it is correct.The source would be very useful to historians. It would tell a historian a lot about the sort of medical care at the time. Although a lot of plays are actually fictional, they would inform historians what things the Ancient Greeks believed in, even if the beliefs were untrue. This story of Plautus being cured by Asclepius and his daughter must have meant something to the audiences otherwise they wouldn’t have gone to see it. Even though this play is fictional, Greeks believed it was none fiction and so were led to believe that the God Asclepius actually cured people. It’s useful for a historian to know this kind of play was being performed at the same time that Hippocrates was teaching about more scientific methods of medicine and how they cancelled each other out.Hippocrates’ theory of the four humours influenced the way Greek
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