Were Almost the Same Country(Canada and America)

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We’re Almost the Same Country Based on the information I have discovered by watching the films and reading the article about the relations between Americans and Canadians both countries have already generalized one another negatively. Americans have this idea that they are overall better than Canadians. Even though America and Canada are neighboring countries, Americans know so little about what is going on in the country right next to them. Americans seem to have this unrealistic view of Canada. They have built up these stereotypes such as it snowing in July, that everyone lives in igloo’s and say “eh” all the time. Americans think that Canadians are extremely different from them in most aspects. They make fun of Canada and feel superior to Canadians. Americans think that Canadians are living in deplorable conditions and they in fact feel sorry for Canadians. Canadians view on Americans is that they are only focused on themselves. Canadians look at Americans to be ignorant and they somewhat promote this by not making a big deal about their heroes and accomplishments. Canadians think that Americans are the least educated people when it comes to what is happening over their borders. Canadians are mostly pleasant and well-mannered and notice that Americans seem to be more aggressive and pushy which comes off as arrogance. Canadians are convinced that the United States only cares about Canada when they want something. The reality of the situation is that America doesn’t even really pay attention to Canada in the slightest bit. The Canadian media’s portrayal of Americans shows how disrespectful they are when Americans are heard booing the O’ Canada at a Toronto Raptors vs. Pistons game. Canadians have also built up a stereotype towards Americans and it’s that these Americans would rather die than have socialized health care like Canada and also go around with guns
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