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1.1 INDIAN INSTITUTE OF HUMAN RIGHTS First Year Paper 1.1 Introduction to Human Rights ekuokf/kdkjksa dh tkudkjh Model Question Paper, June 2012 ekWMy iz'u i= Time : 3 Hrs. Marks 100 Instructions: (i) There are three parts A, B & C. Questions from all parts are compulsory. iz’u i= ds rhu Hkkx gSa d] [k vkSj xA lc Hkkxksa ls iz’u dk mÙkj nsuk vfuok;Z gSA (ii) First objective type, answer should be in one or two sentences, answer any 10 out of 15 questions, 2 marks for each. (2x10 = 20). Hkkx ¼d½ esa oLrqfu"B iz’uksa ds mÙkj ,d ;k nks okD;ksa esa nsaA 15 iz’uksa esa ls 10 iz’uksa dk mÙkj nsuk vfuok;Z gS] izR;sd iz’u ds 2 vad gSsaA (iii) Second short type, answer any 4 out of 6 questions, 5 marks for each. (5x4 = 20) Hkkx ¼[k½ ds 6 iz’uksa esa ls 4 iz’uksa dk mÙkj nsuk vfuok;Z gSA izR;sd iz’u ds 5 vad gSaA (iv) Third long type, answer any 4 out of 6 questions, 15 marks for each. (15x4 = 60) Hkkx ¼x½ esa 6 iz’uksa esa ls 4 iz’uksa dk mÙkj nsuk vfuok;Z gSA izR;sd iz’u ds 15 vad gSaA (v) Questions are written in English and Hindi. Answer can be written in English or Hindi. iz’u fgUnh o vaxzsth nksuksa Hkk"kk esa gSaA fo|kFkhZ iz’uksa dk mÙkj fgUnh vFkok vaxzsth esa ns ldrs gSaA Part A Hkkx ¼d½ 20 1. Write the definition of Human Rights described by Govind Mukhoty. xksfcUn eq[kksVh }kjk of.kZr ekuo vf/kdkj dh ifjHkk"kk nsaA 2. Who is Boutros Boutros Ghali ? cksVªkst cksVªkst ?kkyh dkSu gSa \ 3. What is Charvaka Philosophy? pkjokd~ rdZ'kkL= D;k gS \ 4. Who said, “Vidya Bihina Pashuh” ?. fdlus dgk ^^euq"; fo|k fcuk i’kq leku gS^^ \ 5. How many official languages are used by U.N ? ;w0 ,u0 }kjk ljdkjh rkSj ij fdruh Hkk"kkvksa dk iz;ksx gksrk gS \ 6. How many countries are members of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide ? tulagkj vijk/k dks nwj djus vkSj n.M nsus ds vfHkle; ds fdrus ns’k lnL; gSa \ 7. When did the United Nations

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