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1. What criticisms of American society did the individual have? Wendell Phillips- He criticized the American society for supporting slavery, and he believed slavery was wrong. He was also a very big advocate for women and Native American equal rights. Harriet Beecher Stowe- She also didn’t agree with slavery and thought everyone should be free. 2. What methods did the person use to improve American life? Wendell Phillips- He would write articles and short books about the rights women and Native Americans should have, and he would also publicly speak and use his contacts in the government to try to reach out to people and get women the right to vote. Harriet Beecher Stowe- She wrote books, and articles. When her books became popular…show more content…
What success did the individual have in promoting reform? Wendell Phillips- He traveled a lot and met many other abolitionists, and made many contacts. For women’s rights he was part of an organization to try to get women the right to vote and made many petitions and sent them everywhere without much success. When African Americans got the right to vote, he moved to Native American equal rights, which ended up being unsuccessful because of the Battle of Little…show more content…
She was also an editor for some time, and had a big part in creating the University of Hartford. She was also an activist for women rights. 5. To what extent was the reformer obsessed with achieving an impractical goal through fanatical or impractical means? Wendell Phillips- He was supporting the union seceding so the slave states wouldn’t have such control over the government and public opinion and felt that Lincoln was moving to slow abolishing slavery. Harriet Beecher Stowe- She fought for women rights following the civil war. 6. What lasting impact did the persons reforms have on American society? Wendell Phillips- He had a part in the rights for women, blacks, and Native Americans, and now there are schools and scholarships named for him. Harriet Beecher Stowe- Her book, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, is still very popular today and we can just see how slaves were treated and what it was like back then. Her book caused a lot of people to switch sides in the slavery argument and was a huge help in abolishing slavery. She also played a part in the creating of the University of

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