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Based off of my assessments and my family health history, I came to the conclusion that there are not any health risks for me to be concerned about. Majority of my family is healthy and disease-free. There are a few that have/had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and anemia. But there is not a visible pattern which may cause me to be at risk. So just basing off of my family health history, my health risk is slim to none. From completing five of the seven assessments, I arrived to the same conclusion. The general assessment, along with the health risks assessment, both recorded my personal wellness score at 100. I have low health risks in all focuses, but one. I have a moderate risk in nutrition since I tend to eat food high in fat and not enough fibers. This may be something I should worry about, but I know my eating patterns and I know nutrition is not a major issue for me considering the fact I am a vegetarian. So although I may be at a moderate risk, I feel it will not affect me in the future. The last two assessments I completed, the sleeping assessments, gave me insight on the fact that I should do something about my sleep quality. I scored an 8 on the sleep quality assessment, which falls into the fair sleep quality range. Even though that is not bad, based on my results of the second sleep assessment, I exhibit a number of sleeping interfering behaviors. Sleep quality is essential to anybody’s well-being, which is why I plan to improve

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