Well Educated or Not Essay

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Well Educated or Not George Harike Sr. Liberty University Abstract The definition of being well-educated depends on the individual that you are polling. It can range from the name of the school that you attended, the accomplishments in your field of business, the grade that you earned, the numbers of years that you have attended school, or to the number of degrees that you have hanging on the wall. There is a diverse reasoning to explain the understanding of one’s reasoning to the answer of the question. The ultimate factor is not what you have remembered academically but the impact that you have left on a group on individuals. What does It Mean to be Well Educated? I started my journey through school and did poorly, by the academia standards, until my ninth grade year. This is when I realized that all of my academia records were now going to become part of my permanent record. Does this mean that I was not educated until my ninth grade? I don’t think so. This was reflection that I was not serious about my learning until I knew it was for real from that point on. I completed my high school campaign and did fairly well, as I took many accelerated classes my senior year. My desire was to attend a local school in Atlanta, Georgia. As I pursued my vision, I did not achieve enough on my SAT to be considered for enrollment. This left me with a dilemma that I had to make a decision. Did I want to go to another school and then transfer back to my original school of choice, or did I want to enter into the workforce and begin my career goals? This brings me to the dilemma that I face today. The decision that I made many years ago, by not obtaining a post-secondary degree, has limited me on my advancement in my current career. I am at a point in my career that I cannot progress any further in my company because I do not have a degree; therefore, I am not
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