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Well Educated Olivia Cercone's research In the essay Entitled "Music Education: A gift to california Public Schools", Has proven many points that show children are better educated when art and music are incoporated into education. Cercone also proves that budget cuts have made these programs impossible to obtain. I have personally noticed through my volunteer work at various elementrary schools, that children whom are able to artisticly express themselves, tend to have a greater capacity for learning. Despite budget cuts, There are multiple possibilities to solving the issue. If only more parents would get involved in their child's education, wew could possibly compose and arts program with volunteers. There are several other options though if the volunteer approach, was not workable. Music is indeed a wonderful part of life and crucial to a well rounded education. As Plato, a great Philospher, once said "Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything" (Cercone 42).Music allows A harmony of vocal or instrumental expression. Music Comes out in many forms. Many different beats, tempos, volumes and languages. Music is simply a natural order of life as stated by Cercone " Our society Subconsciously starts educating our youth in music from day one , birth". Music is education. It is cultural, enjoyable and simply our way of life. How dull we would be withouth music. We were obviously supposed to have music as the first documents of music date back to 1100 BC (Cercone). Music is a form of communication. Through music we can learn to express our deepest feeling or possibly use it as a form of stress relief. We Should take a stand, Not as liberals, democrats or republicans, but as loving parents concerned with the futures of our up and coming generations. Music offers

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