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Well-Being Everyone has a different idea of what well-being means. The dictionary definition of well-being is a state of happiness, good health and/or prosperity. My definition of well-being can be broken up into two parts, physically, and mentally. Physically a person needs to be able to live on his or her self alone, without any life support sustaining them. If a person just lays in a state of vegetation for years with no sign of movement, that person can’t attain a sense of well being. Also mentally, a person has to be in a good state of mind, you can’t have a disease that totally screws up your mind and makes you do irrational things. Even if I were to become ill or if I was dying, I still would probably fulfill at least one requirement for my well being. In Terri Schiavo’s case, since she has been in a coma for a number of years, she doesn’t fulfill the first part of my definition for well-being, and since she’s practically brain dead, she also doesn’t fulfill the second requirement for well-being, so in my opinion I believe that being kept alive by tubes and machines wasn’t in the best interest for her well-being. I’d rather die than be artificially kept alive for years with only a 2-7 percent chance that I would come out of a coma. But in the more abstract sense of what well-being is, for example, when somebody says that they’re looking out for other people’s well-being. There are many cases where somebody looking out for someone else’s well-being can cause a dispute of ideas. The Terri Schiavo case is one of the most popular case about a conflict where looking out for somebody’s well-being can bring about a difference of opinions. The whole controversy between Terri Schiavo is that her husband wanted to take her off of life support, while Terri’s parents wanted to keep her on life support because they thought that there was a chance that she can come out

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