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Last year I coached a basketball team consisting of inner city teenagers aging from 13 to 15. This coaching experience made me think about a lot of things. What hit me the hardest was seeing how these kids were being raised; I never realized how lucky I was until I witnessed the hard lives of these teenagers. I coached these kids for several months and I only ended up meeting two of their parents. Day after day, I asked myself, why? It was extremely hard for me to see these kids being raised with such anger and the lack of love. After a lot of thinking and conversation with my players, I noticed that a lot of these kids were living in homes with single mothers on welfare. I came to a conclusion that a lot of problems start with our own government and the welfare system. The government needs to eliminate most parts of the welfare system because it is more detrimental to people than it is good. Welfare started in the Unites States in 1935, to ease the aftermath of the Great Depression by supplying aid to families with little to no income. During the next few decades, the number of people on welfare remained pretty constant. During the late 1980’s and early 1990’s is when there became a significant increase in the amount of people receiving welfare. It increased 34% from 1989 to 1994. This worried our government and in 1996 Clinton signed a bill that would reform welfare, essentially making it harder to receive (Haugan 36). Even though welfare started in 1935, it was not discussed much until the number of recipients started to increase. During this time the issue was always in the news and everyone seemed to have his or her own opinion on the matter. Welfare was one of the major topics during the 1992 election and it even escalated more later on. After years of revision Clinton finally signed the reform on August 22nd, 1996. Clinton claimed that he “ended welfare

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