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Policy: Welfare Tracie Salerno CSU – Global PMG300 March 1, 2012 Dr. G ABSTRACT 1 DEFINING A CURRENT POLICY ISSUE 2 ANALYZING THE ISSUE 5 POLICY RECOMMENDATIONS 6 SWOT ANALYSIS 7 ABSTRACT Welfare reform, very controversial and touchy subject for those who think our government is not doing their job in controlling this process. This paper is an over view of what welfare reform is currently in the United States. In addition, how welfare got started and who it was meant to be used for which at that time people on disability, pregnant women and women with children, you will see more then just those groups are getting welfare. Lastly there are some recommendations that are provided that would make welfare a little harder to…show more content…
Katz, University of Pennsylvania Katz describes how the term welfare refers to and how American Federalism is a division between federal and state. The writer is very clear on how the benefits work for welfare how it started and it is for and like the journal before that the change somehow does or does not benefit the recipient. **** Journal three: A primer on U.S. welfare reform written Robert Moffitt, John Hopkins University Moffitt has clearly stated that information one needs in order to anything about welfare. He shows the standings of how welfare has started and where it is now by showing graphs and tables. Moffitt is very thorough attention detail on the subject. He states how welfare reform will remain an issue and the effects it has on a person. *** ANALYZING THE ISSUE In 1935, congress enacted aid to dependent children (ADC); a relatively modest program focuses primarily on widows, orphans, divorced or deserted mothers and children (Almanac, 2001). Our welfare policy was a good idea when it was first enacted. However 1992 Bill Clinton wanted to “end welfare as we know it” (Almanac, 2001). The benefits were handed out to anyone and everyone who basically wanted…show more content…
Without the TANF program to provide help for these families the poverty rate would rise continuously. The welfare programs from analysts believe several factors have contributed to the decline, including an improved economy, tougher work requirements and diversion. Strategists that have moved applicants directly to work programs (Almanac, 20010). However, in my opinion I would say that welfare is not checked often enough and it should be more often. People who are on welfare tend to play the system because they know they can get away with it and take advantage, because the welfare office does not check like they should. I came across a family who did just that took advantage of the welfare system. First, the women had two children who were becoming older but when she realized how fast she would be losing her benefits she became pregnant with her third child. Second, against welfare rules, she had her “husband” actually which was her boyfriend live with her whom at the time was bringing in an income from his full-time job. According to TANF rules each recipient was to get a job within two years of being on the program, this women never attempted to get a job, however, she was never checked by the welfare office. This welfare recipient never furthered her education which is also a requirement

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