Welfare Reform Report

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The Welfare Reform Bill that was signed by President Bill Clinton changed the way the finaical assistance was given (MRSC, 2009 par 1). Federal and state government jointly manages the health insurance program Medicaid. This program is designed to give medical coverage to individual who are under the age of 18 or over the age of 65 with disabilities, families with children that are low income, pregnant women or senior citizens that receive supplementary income. The Reform was an attempt to change the number of families dependent on the assistance given and try to reform them to make them more independent. 41 million individuals were on the Medicaid Insurance program that was costing the federal and state government $151 billion dollars. A new…show more content…
A state could decide whether to save the tax money or they could take care of the medical coverage of their needy people who lose their Medicaid coverage with their own money with this new law in place. Some state may chose to allow other smaller community groups and charities to help with the low income and disabled individual with health care (Coughlin and Ku, 2009, par 33). After August 1996 immigrant entering the United States will not be able to receive the full benefits of Medicaid insurance. They could be eligible for emergency care that will be determined by the state they reside in. They will also determine how much coverage and what service will be covered by them. Most states have decided that they will be willing to provide limited forms of medical coverage for legal immigrants (Coughlin and Ku, 2009, par 24…show more content…
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