Welfare Reform Essay

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The welfare system has been a hot topic on political agendas for many years. Many Presidents have tried to reform the system, including our current President. In this last year, President Clinton’s welfare reform law expired allowing President Bush to create his own plan. This plan has made some radical changes to the current system. However, this new system is still not working as was intended. The welfare system was originally designed to get people off the streets by offering health care, housing assistance, and assistance finding jobs. Unfortunately, the people who are unable to help themselves are no longer receiving the assistance that they need to sustain a healthy life, children are growing up in desolate homes or no home at all,…show more content…
By taking a closer look at the statistics of these people we can find out how effective this plan really is. It can be noted that food stamp participation has decreased by twenty-six percent in New York City. The current administration would consider this a significant triumph. On closer examination, it was has also been noticed that the requests for emergency food aid increased by thirty-six percent. During this same time, 73,832 people have been turned away from emergency food aid. 43,766 of them were children. This means, an estimated 1,400 children were left hungry every night! Homeless shelters in the area are also exceeding their maximum occupancy, sheltering over 6,000 families with 15,000 children a night. The sad reality is that on any given night, it can be estimated that over 700,000 people are either sleeping in a homeless shelter or on the streets. What we must ask our State Senators and politicians is why there are so many homeless families when the system is set up to help get people off the streets? Why are there so many people still sleeping in shelters or on the streets when we are being told that the current administrations plan for welfare reform is working. This paper will examine the current welfare laws, the ways these laws have affected welfare recipients, and what can be done to ensure the success of welfare
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