Welfare Liberalism Persuasive Essay

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Welfare Liberalism Solves Social Ills For Great Britain The Industrial Revolution took a huge toll on Great Britain. For centuries people had lived in rural areas and the main way for production was agriculture. This shifted towards urbanization, where people began to move into cities in hope for job opportunities. Eventually the industrialization led to a higher standard of living for most and created new jobs and inventions to help further civilization. However industrialization also brought human suffering, unhealthy working conditions and pollution to the society. This overall led to a huge wealth gap between the rich and the poor. Many different philosophies emerged in hopes to solve poverty and to ensure peoples happiness. Laissez-Faire Liberalism was planning to make a capitalist society that supported the idea “the survival of the fittest”. This believed that humans would progress without any regulations. The near opposite was Communism. Communism believed that the government should have full control in order to separate the dynamic of rich vs. poor. The perfect balance of these was Welfare Liberalism. This philosophy has the perfect balance between regulations and a free enterprise. Welfare Liberalism strived to help influence better working conditions in the work force and mainly tried to solve poverty. Welfare Liberalism is the best ideology that possesses the most effective ways to improve the social ills such as poverty and working conditions. A large wealth gap between the rich and the poor was caused by industrialization, creating poverty through out the society. Welfare Liberalism created an effective balance between giving rights to the individual and providing authority to the government. Regulations made by the government were for the greater good of the people. Welfare Liberalism thought that the individuals were at times fit to run
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