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Welfare Essay

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Dear Congressman,
Why do people get welfare? People get welfare because they don't have a way to support themselves. I personally don't think that should be allowed.
I do believe people should have to work or get an education while receiving benefits. Nobody should get a "free ride" through life! I work for what I want. I don't sit home all day and get paid by the government.   I believe that the system should be more strict on those who are receiving or will receive welfare. Before people receive welfare, check to see if they have an education and if they don't then make them get one. If that person still has low income and can't support their family then they deserves welfare. People shouldn't be given welfare for extra money. That just puts the U.S. in more debt and the government doesn't care that they are uses our taxes and money.
The welfare system is a program for citizens who need assistance, but it should be considered a privilege, not a free ride. Everyone wants to end welfare as we know it. Even though the welfare system is still thriving, the new program on the market, workfare, is a reform tactic that will get recipients into the work force and eventually off   benefits. STRIDE (Success Through Reaching Individual Development and Employment), a subdivision of workfare. It encourages recipients to see welfare as temporary assistance emphasizing employment as the goal. It provides financial assistance for day care, car repairs, gas money, clothing, books and classes. This program is only supposed to be given to the poor. Not people who sit home all day when they could be out getting a job. The program can help you get a resume, tune up your interviewing skills, and select an interview wardrobe.
Why do people get welfare? The very poor people are the only ones who deserve welfare. People who are unable to work or get an education should get welfare.
Brooklyn Hillyard
11th grade student

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