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Being a welder is a great occupation What is welding, and how does it work? Not many people know what welding is or how it works. According to Mary Bonk“welding is the process of heating and melting metal parts to join them together” (Bonk,3). A welding machine uses electricity to melt the electrode, fusing one piece of metal to another. The welding machine uses a ground that connects to the surface that allows the welder to create a flowing currant passing through the electrode and the metal that the welder is wanting to fuse together. Electrodes (or welding rods) can come in many different sizes and with different types of flux. The flux is the protective coating that is around the welding rod protecting the weld as it is being melted to the metal. There are a few different ways to learn welding. High schools offer welding classes, there are also colleges with available welding curses, or there is on the job training. High school level welding classes are mainly teaching the students the basics of welding to prepare them for colleges and future jobs. “A high school diploma is preferred but not required. High school courses in mathematics and physics are recommended.”(Bonk,2) Many companies will provide on the job training, most of the skills that are learned are learned in the field where improvising is necessary There are many different needs for a welder in many different fields. “Construction companies or manufacturing plants that employ welders may have job opportunities.” (Bonk,3) Construction company’s often have jobs for welders. When a construction company builds bridges they need a good welder to put the steel frame together. Without a good welder that knows how to produce a good weld the steel might not hold up as well, making it difficult to build the bridge or making it unsafe.

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