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Welding Career Manufacturing Welding is the career I chose because it is what I have always liked to do since high school. It is a career that involves so many types of skills. The skills involved are an electrician/ fabricator/ machinist/ and problem solver. The types of jobs a typical welder has are manufacturing, repair, and structural. Also there are many ways of welding or fixing things which are Tig, Mig, and Stick. Those are the most commonly used processes. The Metal Inert Gas/MIG Process uses a consumable electrode of wire form and an inert gas shield of carbon dioxide when welding carbon steel. The wire electrode provides a continuous feed of filler metal allowing welds of any length without stopping. The inert gas shield eliminates slag and allows cleaner and stronger weld. This process is used widely for automated welding using robots. The Tungsten Inert gas/TIG system uses a non-consumable electrode of tungsten and also provides an inert gas shield of argon or helium. This process was originally developed for welding magnesium and it is now used for welding aluminum, copper, stainless steel, and a wide range of other metals that are difficult to weld. Consumable rods may be used depending on the type of weld and the thickness of weld. Electric Arc welding is based on providing an electric circuit comprising the Electric current source the feed and return path, the electrode and the work piece. The arc welding/Stick process involves the creation of a suitable small gap between the electrode and the work

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