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Welding Many people think that welding is just putting to pieces of metal together and that’s it. Well their mostly right but it takes a lot of time and prep work before u weld the two pieces together. In this research paper I am going to explain the different types of welding and the prep that has too be done before the welding can start. There is a lot of safety rules and stuff that you have to learn also. The basics of safety first everyone must know and follow the PPE rule which stands for Personal Protective Equipment. The PPE for welding includes a face shield which protects you form UV rays, welding gloves so you wont get burned, and either leather or 100% cotton or wool clothes because they burn as fast if you were to catch on fire.(Starnez, Micheal. "Welding Smaw Set-up/safety." Welding. Career Center, Lumberton. Sept. 2012. Lecture). When you are welding you might have to work around hazard and this type of work is called proximity work. When doing proximity work you must be aware at all times and focused on and around your work.( Starnez, Micheal. "Welding Smaw Set-up/safety." Welding. Career Center, Lumberton. Sept. 2012. Lecture). Prepping the base metal this means that you have to clean each piece of metal that you intend on welding. There are many different way you can clean and prep metal. When you are cleaning a certain type of metal like stainless you can only use a wire brush that has only been used on stainless steal the same goes for aluminum. There different tools you can use to clean metal but the pneumatic needle scalar works the best. The reason I say that is the pneumatic needle scalar removes slag off weld and paint and rust. When cutting metal oxy fuel cutting is one of the fastest ways to cut metal but it is also the least precise way of cutting it. Grinding metal to cut it is the slowest way

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