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Welcome to Norman Last year my family moved to a moderate sized town in the state of Oklahoma called Norman. It sits about thirty minutes South of Oklahoma City. The cities biggest attribute is the Oklahoma University campus which is located in the southern portion of Norman. A main street by the name of Lindsey runs strait through the heart of the OU campus. A large placard like sign sits in entrance to the campus. The placard talks about the highlights of the school such as the campus was founded in 1890 and grew into a large 30,000+ a year student campus. Around the campus is tree lined streets with winding sidewalks that snake their way between the campus facilities. . The campus is rich in several different sports facilities to accommodate most student athletes as well as different state of the art student facilities scattered throughout the 3,000 acre campus. The campus itself is dwarfed by the large stadium for the OU Football and track and field events. Sitting right outside of the stadium there is a statue of a settler (aka Sooner) stacking his claim representing the days of the Oklahoma land rush. The mascot for OU is the Sooner and all around campus and the city of Norman the echoes of “GO BOOMER SOONER” can be heard no matter what time of year it is. The campus athletic dorms and statues honoring Oklahoma's past five Heisman Trophy winners surround the southeast side of the stadium. Recently a new memorial statue on the north side of Oklahoma Memorial Stadium was put in honoring OU students, faculty, and staff that have died while serving in the armed forces. The surrounding rural neighborhoods are mixed between older centennial style homes with newer contemporary homes. The rich vegetation and trees create an arch over most of the streets surrounding the campus but most predominately throughout the local area are flags, banners, and signs all

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