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"Welcome to Sarajevo" Film Essay The film "Welcome to Sarajevo" is set in 1992 in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia. The film depicts the city in Bosnia during the war in the 90's and all of the ruined buildings and dead civilians that were affected at the time. The film is very authentic in depicting the brutality of the war at the time. At the time there was a civil war raging inside of the Yugoslavian nation. After Bosnia declared independence from Yugoslavia, many Muslims had to seek refuge in Sarajevo after being forced out of there homes in the farm lands. Soon after this, Bosnian Serb forces that were supported by the Yugoslavian army began to bomb the city. Shortly after this a small part of the city was fully overtaken and the rest was subject to constant bombings, sniper fire, and people were being starved. After the war ended in 1996, the city was left in ruins with many destroyed buildings, over 10,000 casualties, and 50,000 injuries. Sarajevo was ruined place and the population of the city dropped significantly afterwards.The movie was very accurate in the way that it showed the people at the time. The people acted as the citizens that where living in the war torn city at the time were subject to the same kind of harsh lifestyles as the people that actually lived there at the time were dealing with. The story about the reporter Michael Henderson and his attempts to rescue the abandoned Bosnian girl Emira is a true story. The director uses the true story to give the film an even more realistic feel. The director Michael Winterbottom has a very distinct style of directing his films. He uses pop music to depict the current time of events and he sets the music to film footage that is usually not well suited to the music. The film is completely based on the book by

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