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Mr. D’s Personal Fitness Study Guide Welcome to Personal Fitness. This study guide is designed to help you navigate the course. Start by clicking on the module folders to the left. Start with Module 1 and work your way through each folder numerically. To navigate through each folder use the arrows on the Navigation pane on the left side of the class content window as seen in the following diagram. Use this study guide to record important information as you navigate the course. This will help you with the assignments and assessments. You will come across a three basic types of assignments in addition to the assessments. The first type of assignment is a work file. For example, Section 1.03 has a Health Survey. 1. Follow the directions for saving the file answer the questions 2. Save the file with your answers on it 3. Click on the folder under module 1 which is labeled “Assignments and Assessments” 4. Click “1.03 Health Survey” 5. Follow instructions for attaching the completed document. The second type of assignment is a discussion post. Section 1.03 has one of these also. 1. Click on “Assignments and Assessments folder” 2. Click on “Discussions” folder 3. Click on “1.03 Others Seeking Personal Fitness Discussion” 4. Click “New Thread” 5. Answer the questions 6. Click “Post” The third type of assignment is workout logs. You may save and submit this as you do other assignment; however, I recommend printing them out and handing me a completed hard copy. In addition to the assignments mentioned above. You will also have to complete assessments (quizzes) on the material in certain sections. Again you will find these in the “Assignments and Assessments” folder. Just click on the next to the corresponding number for the lesson you are working on and answer

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