Weimar Was a Failed Political Experiment

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Using 3 or 4 points, explain why Weimar was a failed political experiment. Provide evidence. It was not a political experiment, but it failed in its democratic process through its constitutional laws. -Many ordinary electors in Germany, whatever their private political views, saw voting for the three democratic parties as the best way to prevent the creation of a German Soviet and ward off the threat of a Bolshevik revolution. Not surprisingly, therefor, the Social Democrats, the left -liberal Democrats and the Centre Party (The churches political wing) gained an overall majority in the elections to the Constituent Assembly. This met early in 1919 in the central German town of Weimar. The constitution which it approved on 31 july 1919 was essentially a modified version of the constitution established by Bismarck for his new Reich nearly half a century before! -In place of the Kaiser there was a Reich President who was granted extensive emergency powers under the constitutions Article 48 meaning in times of trouble he could enforce his will with the backing of the army in any federated state in regard to civil unrest. However, this was only meant to be used in extreme situations. The Republic's first president (Freidrich) Ebert employed that rule no fewer than 136 times. He deposed legitimately elected governments in Saxony and Thuringia when they threatened, in his view to forment disorder. However, it got even worse, during the 1920 civil war in the Ruhr he issued a backdated decree applying the death penalty to public-order offenses and retrospectively legitimizing many of the summery executions that had already been carried out on members of the Red Army by units of the Free Corps and the regular army. -There were virtually no effective safe-guards against an abuse of Article 48, since the President could threaten to use the power given him by
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